Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Taking care of 3 kids, a husband, 2 dogs and myself definitely requires organization. It's a good thing I like trying to be organized lol! The #1 thing that has helped me these past couple of months is my planner. One day I was looking around on YouTube and somehow came across someone's super organized Filofax video. I was amazed. I mean, of course I knew that a monthly planner can really help you stay organized and I had a small one at the time but I would end up just not paying any attention to it and then that made it useless. What's the point of having a planner if you don't use it. So after watching that video, I searched for more videos of others showing their organized planners. I saw that they used pretty colors throughout it and tabs and made sure to write everything in it. It dawned on me that, duh!, the reason I wasn't using mine more often was because it just wasn't visually appealing to me. I like pretty things, I am a girl after all. The next day I made a trip to Walmart and Staples just for myself. I didn't even feel guilty about it because it's rare! Plus, I knew that it would have so many benefits in the long run. I found this Day-Timer binder planner and it was in my favorite color: blue. It was meant to be lol! I got it but the calendar didn't start until July 2013 and then goes through December 2014. So I went on over to Staples because I knew that Martha Stewart has a line created especially for organization for the Staples stores. I found dividers with tabs, removable labels, zip pouches, cute post it notes. Tons of things to help me stay organized and now that it's all set up, I am in love with it. It goes with me everywhere and I honestly write down every single "To Do" that I need to get around to and I know that I must look at it every day, several times a day. What is so special about mine is that I keep everything in it! Well, not checks/debit cards, things like that of course. But everything else lol. Everything from our grocery lists to the list of movies we want to get around to watching, my personal wish list things like that. Its great to have a personal place for everything you need all in one pretty spot! The photo below doesn't really show that much detail but trust me, it's not bad. I have filled it with tons of inspirational things that make it fun to use daily and that helps keep me on track! I've gotta have my colors!

Look, it even has a little spot on my desk above the other things I try to keep semi-organized. I'm definitely not a professional but I have learned a lot from the other blogs I read daily and sites that I learn things from so I'm not technically a beginner either. If you haven't found the blog world that is out there, I highly recommend you start with the website that started it all for me. It's iHeartOrganizing, Jen has taught me so much over the past couple of years that I have been following her and she has gotten plenty of recognition recently! It's fun to see her becoming so popular!

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