Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Weekend Fun!

Well, Sunday we went back over to the in-laws for Mother's Day. We went to my mom's house that morning and spent time with her and then my brother wasn't feeling well so she took him on home. While we were at Oma and Opa's, the guys played some "Around The World" basketball and Opa won!

So, there's these 3 girls. They stole my heart. They call me mommy! I love this picture! They all have great smiles!

Ali and Aimee we off in the driveway with the neighbors kids looking for "crystal" rocks, you know, the sparkly white ones lol. So Lily was over with mommy and we were playing with a ball! She came up behind me and was being silly and I was able to snap this amazing picture! I love it!

We decided that day to bring both the dogs with us and luckily, Duke and Bonnie were there too so we were able to have all 7 dogs (Misha, Bella, Duke, Bonnie, Tobbie, Winnie and Elvis) there playing! It was so fun! Unbelievably, Brenda was able to catch them all in one picture! It looks like the similar colored dogs are grouped together and then there was Duke! Oscar would have been a perfect match for him!

These are the necklaces I made for Mother's Day presents! From left to right they are: Darla, Mom, Brenda and myself! I loved them so much I had to make myself one of course! They have their children's birthstone colors in them! Everyone loved them! I added the little signature charms at the back of the necklace. I think I will start using those anytime I make a necklace. The feather is like it belongs to the momma bird that the nest and eggs belong to. And it can be like an owl feather also! And birds live in TREES!!! LOL

This is also some shots of what some electronics went through this past week/weekend. Ali put her phone in her backpack next to a metal hair barrette and that's what happened. Scratches all over it. Then Aimee dropped her iPod on the concrete at Oma and Opa's and it shattered. Sigh....there goes $100 to get it fixed unless I can get Press F1 to do it cheaper, and I think they do it for around $80.

That wraps up the weekend!

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