Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Faves, Funnies and Fotos!

Hello again if you are reading this :)
Did you see I kicked my Friday Posts up a notch? I added in funnies because I am wild and crazy like that! Who doesn't love a few giggles on Friday?

I am beyond happy that it's Friday!
Since the title of this post, I have said "Friday" 5 times now...F.....orgive me! lol!

It's no secret that I am a HUGE music lover! YouTube is, among other things, one of the best places to find new music or new things from the artists that you love already, or up and coming artists. Speaking of up and coming...My favorite reality competition show is The Voice. Just all around it is amazing! Two years ago there was a contestant on the show that was so unique and captivating that I was her #1 fan immediately!


 She made it 3rd on the show (why not first place I don't know) and after she was off, Blake Shelton took her under his wing and long story short, this girl has been everywhere for the last 2 years and is going to be releasing an album any time now. Still not sure of the date but it's driving me crazy because I will be buying it ASAP. I am going to link a new song that is going to be on her album! You should take a listen! This happened to me almost exactly when I was younger and I can't listen to it without tears in my eyes.

Isn't she adorable! I just love yer!

Also, I never watch American Idol. I just always have preferred The Voice, like I said. However, the other night my husband and I decided to watch it that night with the top 4 and boy am I glad we did. All four of them are A-mazing! The next day I kept looking on iTunes for this performance below and sadly I guess they aren't going to sell it. It is by far the best "redo" of this song. You must listen!

No words lol!

How many times has this happened to you? I can definitely relate since having Netflix streaming.
                              Relatable Post

Since we're on the subject of relate-able, what about this one?

That's not asking too much, is it?
Is that too much to ask? I would totally pay big money to see it! 

Here are my photos from the week!
We have had quite an eventful week at the Perkins Prairie! 

Lily picked me a flower and it reminded me so much of the photo below that I had to put them together

That was Ali 3 years ago!

It's rare that I get a good shot of a cat, even more so when it's both!

My amazing in laws went to Florida last week and they, of course, know that I love Legos and they brought me this! His name is Orlando, can you guess why? HEEHEE!

I got Ali and Aimee's school frames all updated with their current school pictures. I don't order the packages because they are too expensive but I take advantage of the free proofs they send and put those in because they work perfectly and usually don't have the big PROOF word on them like one of Aimee's did for some reason.

Two Lego gifts in one week?? Woo Hoo! My hubby got this after we were looking everywhere for a Michaelangelo minifigure for me! It was going to be a Mother's Day present but the girls and him couldn't wait and I am glad they didn't! lol!

Reading some of my favorite books to my girls

Daddy reading Lily a story after she just insisted that she can't get to sleep without one! ;)

Yes, more Lego. What's not to love. This was on this week and it was great! I wish I had that house set but as much as I love Legos, I am NOT paying $300 for them!

We live in the country and deer are not scarce here, and one ran out in front of my husband while he was on his way to work Thursday morning. This old car is done for. He is fine thank goodness!

 Not the best way to spend a sunrise with the hubby! But the keyword is WITH, so that's all that matters.

I always say you should make the best of every situation because everything happens for a reason, this gave my hubby a good laugh too!

My younger brother is staying with us until Monday night. I love it when he comes down. He lives about an hour away from us and comes down when he can between jobs and we love it!

Tonight I am having a "Camp In" with the girls in the sunroom that we are renovating. We are going to have some bad storms so outside isn't an option, plus, I don't really want to be outside with just us anyway, lol! This should be fun!

Here are my #dhdphotoaday challenge photos for this week!

 (it looked like keychain orlando was eating keychain cinnamon roll)

 "The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple" -Oscar Wilde

Have a great night and see you tomorrow for the link up and Saturday Special!

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