Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Faves and Fotos!

I can't resist a good rundown of this on Friday. I admit I sing it at least once a Friday!
It's so bad, it's hilarious!

Yay for Friday! Especially when my hubby doesn't have to work Saturday!

Wednesday marked the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls so I am starting to get the feeling that I am getting old, LOL! (I'm 29)

This is pretty accurate! I am sure Pitch Perfect could maybe make the cut for the 10's
                                    decades of mean girls. I watched "Heathers" yesterday and it is still hilarious.. and the 90's one should've been "Jawbreaker"...
                                                     via Pinterest

Oh and we can't forget about this awesome time that comes once a year! I love it!

                                       HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA. can't believe how fast senior year has gone, and this just makes my night, hahahahahha.
                                                         via Pinterest

I love the blog Finding Joy blog. She writes some amazing Dear Mom Letters that help rest the hearts of all moms, letting us know we are all in this together and we are not doing it wrong. Her most recent post 24 Awesome Things Moms Do hits the nail right on the head and I agree with each one! Please go check her out! 

I have been participating in a monthly instagram photo challenge and it's really fun! It sparks your creativity as you try to find unique ways to photograph the phrase of the day! Here is the link! You should join in!
Here are the prompts:


Here is what I have so far. I will recap them each Friday!



Pictures of the week!

My husband loves turtles and I love owls. I was at a local store a while back and found these two "Lucky Charms" as they are called. Each came with a tiny little card saying how you carry them in your pocket and they bring you good luck. I just have them sitting on my shelf though and they are so adorable and special!

The hubs wasn't feeling too well the other day and wanted to lay on the loveseat and just watch movies and Lily decided to join him. They watched Hercules together! Yes, it was adorable. 

We have to go to the end of the road to pick up the big girls from the bus stop and once we got down there, we were a little early so I let Lily get out of her car seat and sit up front and she thought it was the funnest thing ever while sitting there waiting!

I walked out of the bathroom the other day and looked up and this is exactly what I saw. I'm not sure if it is an intentional guard dog put there but either way, it's pretty funny. I just had to wonder what are two cats thought while sitting at the bottom of the stairs. Probably, "To go upstairs or not to go upstairs" lol!
Please disregard the horrible carpet on the stairs. For some reason the people that lived here before we bought the house decided to lay new floors through most of the house but left carpet on the stairs. That's a project for a later date though. I am thinking something like these:

IHeart Organizing: Secret Stairs: How to create wood stairs on constructions grade particle board

That's all I have for this weeks roundup. Leave a comment if you would be interested in joining me for a link up every week like this one OR if you know of someone who already does this that I can link up with I would love to know!! Thanks!!

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