Friday, April 25, 2014

Office Improvement

We have all had that feeling where an area just isn't working out for our needs anymore and we just want to refresh and update and brighten! Right? I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

When we moved in, I had my "office" in the smallest room of the house and at first it worked out. Sadly, I don't really have any before shots of that room as the office. But after I put another table in there so that the girls could come in and do crafts and home work and all that stuff with me, it became too cramped to do anything or be able to move around. So I moved it into a bigger bedroom that was being used as mostly storage. I went through all the stuff that was the "storage" and got rid of what we didn't need or found better places for the other things and moved everything in the bigger room and it's working out sooo much better! Not only is there room for everything but there is added room for a loveseat and TV set-up for movies and video games and cuddling in our own little "family/craft/office room" 

Yes, the table is a mess but oh well lol! It mostly stays like that with 3 kids! 

This may look a little messy on the top, but it's totally organized and I know where everything is and everything has a place! I am extremely happy about that. Except I don't normally have my purse up that high, I just moved it out of the way and haven't taken it down yet. :) The girls have room across the table from me to sit and work on crafts or color or do homework with room for all 3!

I still need to do some more updates to my bookshelf but it looks pretty good right now. All the baskets were the color of the tan/wicker one on the lower shelf but I spray painted them colors to match the room. That larger one would have been painted too but I ran out of paint. Sigh...
I have all of my smash books that are finished and yet to be used. I may have to do a post about those soon! They are so much fun and it's something the girls and I can do together!
The next shelf down holds some of my favorite books as well as some that need to be read. I have a nook but still change up from paper books to ebooks sometimes. I could never fully give up actual books. They are a special to me! Yes I know I have a lot of things that are special or mean a lot to me. Just think of me as an ogre who is like onions, I have layers, OK? lol! 
The tall skinny gray and blue cart on the right faces towards my desk and holds things I use most often because it's easier to turn around and get in those drawers and get what I need. Don't pay attention to the mess of cords there, I still have to get the surge protector hooked up!

Mini gallery wall that is functional!

For the top pictures, I just used some Heidi Swapp Stickers to make a cute little saying.
The middle and last one are free printables I found on Pinterest. That sight literally has everything.

I made another little collage of stickers for this shelf and added some of my favorite little owls. Well all my owls are my favorites but these are the tiny ones that can stay up there lol. I love the pegs on this because they hold my earbuds and keep them from getting lost and/or tangled. (Speaking of Tangled, how ironic is it that my daughter is watching that movie as I am typing this... :P  ) Anyway, I am sure I can find more things to add to the pegs. I spray painted this shelf at the same time as the baskets. It was a scuffed up tan-ish white mess.

I just transferred the same clothespin lines that I had in the small office. Only some things are missing because they are being used in other projects. But the best part of that is that I can add new things as I want.

And here is my desktop! I love how just "shopping" my own home has given me things that match the colors of this room perfectly! The notebook there is full of my favorite colors! 

Here is a closeup of the fabric on the table. That bin looks so crooked but it's not, its the angle of the camera from how I was holding it. But, after trying to find some regular fabric at our super-tiny-doesn't-even-have-a-grocery-section walmart, I couldn't find any that I loved and (have you noticed how sad the real tablecloth section is??) I had the idea of looking at shower curtains. I just didn't have that idea until I gave up on fabric for the moment and went to the dollar general store to get other things and then found this! So yes it's a shower curtain but it's a fabric one and you can't even tell!! the colors matched everything as well! It was meant to be! 

Also, if you look close at the pictures, you can see Emmet! HEHE!

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  1. Oh, Lisa, your office is so pretty and organized! Owls. ♥ I love the colors you used, and those clothespin lines are adorable and practical! Thank you for sharing this with us at Treasure Box Tuesday- pinned! :)

    1. Thank you Joy! I am loving it and the colors keep me cheery and inspired all day! Thank you for the link party and pin too! =)