Friday, April 18, 2014

If Money Was No Object: Kitchen

*I am in no way affiliated with Target, I just LOVE that store.

It's always fun to window shop, and the best way to window shop is on the internet! I am in the process of revising our full "House renovation/update to do/wish list". That's a mouth full. Just like what John & Sherry did here.

But before I do that, I thought it would be fun to look through Target's amazing selection of decor for a basis of what I would love to do for each room and maybe slowly pick up a piece here and there. That's really the only way you can do it now a days without dropping a TON of money, even though I am very selective in the things we buy for the house and DIY or create my own versions or items when I can! Some more examples of that are herehere and here to show a few!

So here is a mood board of my Target kitchen finds! I will recap them all below that!

I just have to say that I love how this turned out and didn't even have a plan in mind! The one thing that shocks me the most is the purple, but that's only because I love purple and all but I have never been able to find a nice way to incorporate it in my decorating, much less in the kitchen!! Let's get into the breakdown of the items!

1.) Carlisle Dining Chairs - These come in a set of 2 for $99.99 - That's a whole lot more than I would pay for chairs normally. Especially since I would have to have 3 sets of 2 for my family and table. The only way I would be able to justify this price is that I would be able to keep my current table and just update the chairs. I love that they are metal and give a sleek look as well as being able to hold up to my 3 kids! 

2.) Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack - $19.99 - I have wanted one of these for a long time and my husband and I went to buy one one day until we realized how short they were. We had no idea! One of them will only hold maybe 4 knives. So we would need 3 or maybe 4 to fit on the wall above our counter and actually be a nice length AND hold what we want it to. Personally, I think these things should cost no more than 10 bucks but that's a whole different issue lol! I still love them though and love the function and look of them. Plus, our girls are at an age now that we don't have to worry about them getting into them and hurting themselves!

3.) Double Shelf Wall Hanging Pot Rack - $39.99 - That's a very reasonable price! I love that it's a wall mount and not a ceiling mount. I know it would work perfectly right above the stove! The cabinet space saved and eas of grabbing what you want right from it and being able to see everything is worth it! It can give a kitchen an industrial/expensive kitchen look all on it's own!

4.) Boho Boutique™ Dakota Table Linen Collection - 5 items priced $19.99-$24.99 - Oh. Em. Gee. This is what is making me most excited!! I want all of the things in this collection! (well, I don't really need the round tablecloth. I can just see it in my kitchen and how it will match with all the colors! LOVE!!
Boho Boutique™ Dakota Placemats Set of 4
Boho Boutique™ Dakota Table Runner

                      Table Runner
Boho Boutique™ Dakota Napkins Set of 4

Boho Boutique™ Dakota Tablecloth - 60

5.) Oh Joy! Cake Stand - $25.00 - How cute is that?? I love it! It would look good even in places that aren't the kitchen! I can just see it with cookies or cupcakes!

6.) Oh Joy! Scalloped Bowl - $15.00 - Adorable! Put that on the counter with some fruit! That would look so nice!

7.) Threshold™ Stoneware Figural Owl Cookie Jar - $19.99 - It's no secret that I love owls. Love might be an I would so love to add this guy to my collection and have it on the counter next to the above mentioned fruit bowl! Wouldn't that make them both look so much better? If that's even possible that is...

8.) Rachael Ray 10 Piece Porcelain Cook Set - $139.99 - I have never had a good quality set of cookware and I love Rachael Ray and I know her stuff would be worth the price! Plus that beautiful color would look great hanging from the pot rack, right? :)!!

I think those items would make one fine looking kitchen! Now that I'm done dreaming of the kitchen I am going to move on to the next area to dream about! Let me know what you think about it with a comment below! Are there other things you've seen at Target that you have just HAD to have or are planning to get ASAP?

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