Friday, April 11, 2014

A-Z Blog Challenge. Letter J

I am participating in the A-Z Blog Challenge

Today's letter is J

I am going to say Jonas and Justified Anger! lol. It's all aimed at The Giver movie that's coming out. Today they released a more in depth 2 minute (??) look into it after the first 1 and a half minute trailer came out last month. 

     Let me just say that I am totally possessive of this book. This is and has always been my absolute FAVORITE book. When I found out years ago that they were making a movie, I was so excited. It got put off a few years and now it will be out in August. 
     I also should let you know, if you haven't read it, that this was a book from years and years ago of course and was the first dystopian book of it's kind. Every detail (and lack of detail for that matter) is for a reason. Lois Lowry created this amazing world with just the right amount of mystery and wonder. It's. Just. A. Masterpiece. IMO.


     Anyway, with all that said, the trailers are sooo far off from the book that it is really a saddening situation for me. I love all the little things in life and this little thing means a lot to me. There was none of this high tech stuff that Hollywood is throwing in there to try to draw in more people. If they would stay to the book it would be a million times better than all this added stuff. 
     Don't get me wrong, I will be sitting in the theater opening weekend with my Cherry Pepsi and Nachos with extra cheese from the concession stand. I just hope it's not a total waste. It would be horrible if I hated it, especially when so many other movies have been made so close to the books I love, why should my favorite one be any different?
     Side note though: I am really happy to see Taylor Swift as Rosemary. I love her and I honestly believe that she is perfect for the part, despite what others are saying. 

Have you read the book? What are your thoughts about it and the movie? 

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