Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Office In A Bin

I have been so excited to share my office in a bin! I got the idea from Kisha over at The Glamorous French Housewife. That link will take you to her post and video of her "Office in a Basket". Once I saw it I realized that it was a great idea and what I have been missing. I have an office but I also have a husband and three kids and can't always been in the office. This is a great way to have the things you use everyday always close. After we put the kids to bed, my hubby and I catch up on shows we like to watch and I will work on the blog or read others I follow and it's perfect to have everything i need right next to me! So lets jump right in and I will show you what I keep in it!

** I would like to note that these photos are in no way beautiful magazine quality, but they get the job done!**

Here is a look at the inside.

I started out with just the tote and a lid for it but I started really wishing that I had something with handles for easier carry. I have a couple of the 31 brand large utility totes and I had my hubby cut the metal lining out of the top so it would fit and it works perfectly! 

The bag stays around the bin and the bin keeps the sides sturdy.

So that's the outside. Lets look at the inside!

The first thing to show is a 3-fold folder. I keep papers I need handy or that need to be filed soon, magazines I haven't been able to look through yet, that sort of thing. It's not too organized just yet, I have to take baby steps lol, but eventually each paper type will have it's own section of the folder.

Next is a composition notebook that I use for Bible studies and writing down versus that I like.

This is one of the Bibles that I use to read from. I have another smaller one that stays on my night stand and it has the daily readings all laid out by date but I use this one for other references such as the versus at the end of "Jesus Calling" that are for additional readings for that book. This one is called the "Busy Mom's Bible" and I showed a picture of the first page that shows you what all is included in this one for moms!

This is the book I was talking about. It is an amazing read every day! I talked more about it in this post!
I am so glad I found out about this book through the other blogs I follow!

Next is the journal that my oldest daughter and I keep together. We call it our "MD" journal with stands for Mother-Daughter journal. It's something that I started a while back because even though we talk about things face to face, you never know if something may come up that she may not feel comfortable talking about face to face and also, we include question in each entry such as "what would you do with a million dollars" lol. We aren't able to keep up with it every day but we are trying. We had a bigger one that ended up getting to be too big and heavy so I changed over to this one and when I write in it, I leave it on her pillow to find and when she is done replying back, she takes it to my pillow or my office where she knows I will see it. I love this and know that it's a great way for her to keep up with her writing skills and always have something to treasure that was special between her and I. I can't wait to start it with the younger girls when they get old enough! 

This is another little composition notebook that I saw at walmart and thought it was adorable! It's a half notebook and I use it mostly as scrap paper for things that don't need to go in my planner. 

Speaking of my planner, here it is! I LOVE this one. The size, the feel, the look! It's the best one I have ever had. I plan (pun intended, haha) on going more in depth with this one although there is nothing too exciting about it but I know I enjoying seeing what other people do with their planners and getting ideas from them. I have been able to collect little ideas here and there that work great for me and finally get a system going that works great! This one was $19.99 at Walmart and comes with so much!

I have a thing for paper, pens, notebooks and all that fun stuff! As you can probably tell. When I came across this book, I knew I had to buy it and I knew what it was going to be used for!

It has a tree/bird them, a writing quote on it and it is being used for my "1000 Gifts" list. If you are not familiar with "1000 Gifts" you can check out more information here. That page will be updated soon where I can keep another copy of my on going list in case anything were to ever happen to this book and to just have a way to share it with you guys! I remember seeing that video for the first time and crying my eyes out and have kept a list ever since, although sometimes I forget to add something daily. There are no special rules to it, you just add what you want and however much you want, whether it's one a day or 3 a day, etc! I have always said "Count your blessings, not your worries" and it really helps to not stress about things as much!

The next thing I have is this fun mom's journal with interesting questions on each page that you wouldn't normally find in journals. I love it and look forward to answering the questions, however to make it last longer, I only do one entry per week! I didn't want to use up all the fun too fast lol!

Next is this journal. It comes in many different forms but this is where I get questions to answer for my Weekly Q&A that I do every Saturday! Don't forget that I would love for you all to join in with your answers to those questions!

That covers the books that are in there at this time. If I add anything else, I will be sure to post about it as an update! I also keep my Nook HD+ in there and there is enough room to store my laptop and the cords for it if I was to ever need to go somewhere with all of this stuff. Just pop the lid on and go! 

Now on to the bags and what's in them.
The first is a little cosmetic bag that, because of it's size, I have turned into a nice little carry all for the little things I use the most. This mostly planner related stuff but I keep a cord for our ipods and iphones in there, hole puncher to add things in to my planner and washi tape of course!! I need to add nail clippers and miscellaneous things like that but haven't completed the list on what all I want in there yet!

The next bag is my camera bag that holds my camera of course and the charger and cords for it.

And the last bag holds my favorite paper mate flair pens! I talked more about them in the link above with the "Jesus Calling" book. I have some tape runner adhesive and my scissors in here too, but they need to be moved over to the bag with the washi tape. I want this bag to only be pens/markers/highlighters that I use.

 (please excuse the cookie fingerprint in the above picture from my 3 year old)

   Thanks for hanging in there through this super long and picture heavy post! Don't forget to go over and check out Kisha's version that I got my ideas from!! Leave a comment below letting me know what you think and if you have something similiar and let me know if you are a planner lover too!!

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Until next time!

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