Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Q&A

It's Saturday again! Time for the Weekly Q&A! This post is going up late today because I am not good at scheduling posts and we have had a busy day lol! I would love it if you joined in! You can use the comments below for your answers or if you have a blog and you would like to answer these questions there then leave me a link and I would love to come visit! Here we go!

1.) What are you reading right now?

I am reading "Son" by Lois Lowry. Her book "The Giver" is my all time favorite book and the first time I read it, it haunted me the way it ended. It wasn't a bad ending but it ended in a way that anything could have happened and it was really up to the reader to conclude with an ending they thought would be best. For YEARS I thought about this book and re-read it more times than I can count. It's a small book that packs a huge punch. So, some time late last year or early this year, I found out that she had turned this series into a quartet lol! I went out the very next day and bought the second book and finished it and then went right out and got the third. "Son" is the last book in the series and is by far the thickest. I have been slowly reading it but I can't wait to see how this story actually ends. The second and third books have brought more to this series than I could have ever thought possible! 
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2.) What was the last restaurant you went to?

This morning we went to McDonald's and ate some yummy breakfast before running all our errands. We actually ate in this time per Lily's request and since we had time, we did it!

3.) Where do you want to travel next?

I would love to go to the beach. None of my kids have ever been and I want to be the one to take them! We aren't too far from either Virginia Beach or maybe the Gulf. Hopefully we can go sometime soon, I miss it. I have only been one time in my life, when I was 17. My aunt took me with her and my cousins to Daytona Beach for a week and it was AMAZING! There is nothing at all that compares to the ocean and I love it! I can't wait to see the look on my kids faces the first time they get to see it!!


4.) Are you a leader or a follower?

I am mostly an introvert and it depends on the situation and circumstances as to if I am a leader or follower at that time. I can be both! It's hard to fit me into one category!

5.) What are you looking forward to?

Right now I am looking forward to next weekend because we will be celebrating my youngest daughters 4th birthday with the family! It will be lots of fun!

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