Friday, September 13, 2013

Painting Weekend!

Painting weekend was LOOOOONG, but it was so worth it. We woke up, ate some breakfast and got started as soon as my mom got here. She used to be/sorta still is a professional painter so I knew we were in good hands and I wanted to wait for her to instruct us on what to do. (Side Note: she wanted me to make sure everyone knows that she is for hire!)
Mom started on priming the ceiling and showing Kacey how to do it so he could take over and we could work on other things, like cutting in the room edges and rolling the wall.
Man, I'm so glad to see that ugly green ceiling go! I've dreamt of this day for 2 months!

Here is a great before shot of the fireplace before primer...

...and after. Everything is looking much better.
We can't forget the before shots of this horrible bedroom. I think a few nightmares were had because of the craziness of this room! LOL
Don't forget that these walls glittered and the stars on the ceiling were "glow in the dark"
(Sorry, for some reason I forgot to take primer pics of this room, probably because I was pretty much dead on my feet by the time we finished the first day)
Here is a primer shot of the kitchen.


 That was the very late end to day 1. I was asleep before my head it the pillow.

Needless to say, the morning of day 2, I could hardly move. I must have went up and down that ladder a thousand times.

It didn't take long to get excited again because I knew I would see the gray on the walls!! We don't know the exact color because we got extremely lucky while looking at oops paint. I have known for a long time that I would love to have a house with gray walls and white trim, it just looks so crisp and clean and lots of colors will go with it. So we were looking at walmart one day and found a 5 gallon bucket marked half off and the top said "supposed to be white". So somehow, someone messed white up and it turned gray. At 50 dollars vs. 100 that it would have cost if we picked out a gray color, we snagged it! We just know it was meant for us!

So the cutting in started again, two coats of cutting in before any rolling could start per the professional/mom. I didn't argue. I learned a long time ago not to argue with mom lol!

It's looking so great!! Just like I imagined! 
The kiddos wanted to help when they got back from Oma and Opa's and before they left with their Dad for the night! Ali helped some but I was only able to catch a picture of Aimee putting on the first coat on the fireplace mantle!

She's a regular ol' pro!
 Kacey took over the rest of it while mom was still cutting in the first coat. Look at her go with no tape! That's talent!

Some more cutting in pictures, cause you know, they are oh so exciting.
Don't pay any attention to the places that are missing trim, crown molding, and baseboards. That stuff is on our long "to do" list. (You probably weren't even paying attention to that until I just said something right??)

And finally!! Color on the walls!!!
 (Hi Mom!)
 Looks like a totally different place doesn't it??
Not to brag but I am saying it anyway - I knew it would look great! lol
Yeah...that's where we stuck all the junk until we were done painting! hee hee...
Remember our bedroom? The one that was the crazy red star room??

Lookin' pretty sweet now! Don't mind the weird light thing on the's the light reflecting in from the sunroom windows onto the light and through to the wall. Dang light reflections ruining my picture!
I some how ended up with the most paint-covered skin...not sure if that means I am a good painter or a bad one...depends on who you ask!
I'm just glad that part is over and eventually we will move on to the sunroom...but right now, I never want to see another paintbrush again!!

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