Friday, September 13, 2013

Out With the Old...Floors That Is!

We are now moved in after lots of repairs and work! Holes in the wall fixed, new light fixtures in, door knobs on all the doors and missing doors replaced among other things. I know the pictures in the first post didn't fully show just how gross the sunroom floors are. They are old and nasty and now that they are gone, I am loving it lol. Let me show you what I mean:

Not sure who would think that looks good. BLECK!

Needless to say, they needed to come up, but we had no idea what we were in for. I knew it was dirty under there, but it was BEYOND dirty. Kacey and his dad, Frank, who we call Opa, started taking up the boards and underlayment stuff.



See all that dirt on the blue foam? It only gets worse as more boards come up.

But at least the particle board flooring underneath is still in great shape! At least most of it is, I'll get to that in a minute.

I helped by sweeping up the gross stuff that hadn't already flown around the kitchen and living room lol. In case you're wondering, we are saving all those boards to make a fence with, there are a lot more there than what it looks like.
Then they moved over to the mis-matched tile pieces that were put down as a divider between the living room and sunroom addition. I was surprised to see the original 1950's wooden floor boards. I can just imagine the history these things could tell! I loved that we got a chance to see them.

 The people that lived here a few years ago used a wood stove as a heating supply and did the smart thing by putting tile all around it to protect the house from the strong heat coming off of a wood stove, but since we are going to be putting down carpet, we didn't need them there and wanted to get everything off the floor and make sure it was nice and clean and all the same level. Kacey started chipping away at them the other day.

Then when Opa came back today to take up the rest of the floor, they took the ones off the wall and started getting it ready for insulation and more paneling to match what was there so it will all be the same there too.

Look how clean the floors are now! They took down the baseboards and trim also so that we could make sure it was clean behind there and get them repainted too! Look at the shiny new Shop-Vac that Kacey's parents got us, among other things, for our housewarming! They went above and beyond and even got us the boards in the same picture to put down over the particle flooring that's there so there won't be any cracks or seams under the carpeting! They also got us some power tools! Makes me think of Tim Taylor! MORE POWER!

When they got to the flooring right under the doors, a small section all along the wall was rotted out and had to be replaced.

They will have the floor good as new in no time! I know it's in good hands! The Perkins men don't cut any corners! =D

I'll be back soon with more updated pictures of everything because we are painting this weekend!!! I CAN. NOT. WAIT. until the paint is on the walls. It will look a thousand times better and brighter in here!

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