Friday, September 13, 2013

More Floor

Kacey and his dad got started on installing the smoother layer of floor last night. (The hubby says its not exactly subfloor but we aren't sure what it is exactly, we will have to get a definite answer from Frank tomorrow) They got most of it done before it ended up being too late to continue. We are just plain excited that we don't have to put shows of any kind on to walk in that area of the house!! Woo Hoo!

Just need some trim across the gap and it will be good as new, but have to wait on that!
They are going to finish up some more of it when they have time, but we need to get some more for the last section. It just keeps looking better and better!

Here is what the carpet looks like that we got for FREE!! We are going to roll that out like a huge wall to wall rug until we can get it all installed and then the kitchen table can go in the dining area instead of in the actual kitchen and we can have more room!

Oh and look how good the wall fill-in turned out!

I feel like I can't say it enough! I am really loving the progress and so thankful for such wonderful in-laws and everything they have helped us with!!

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