Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogtember: Love Letter


I am linking up with Jenni at Story of My Life for her Blogtember challenge. It's a challenge to blog every day in September with weekends off if wanted. Today's challenge is to write a love letter to someone in your life, but it doesn't have to be romantic. This is a tough one. Obviously I love my husband but I don't want to write a public mushy letter at this time lol. I have chosen to write on to my mom.

Dear Mom,

              I hope you know just how much I love you. I know you are one of the people in my life that sees my rare grouchy side that comes up but you always know that I don't mean anything by it. You have always been there for me. Through my crazy childhood, through not having my father in my life. I can only imagine how hard it really was behind what I saw daily to raise me on your own as a single parent. Even though I was a brat most of the time (lol) you did a wonderful job and I feel like I had one of the best childhoods anyone could ask for. No matter what was going on or what late hours you were working, you always made sure to take time out and play with me or laugh and joke. I still remember the way you smelled so good when I would give you hugs and the way I hated it when you had to leave for work and I was so terrified that I would never see you again or something crazy that goes through a little mind. I could never tell you exactly how grateful I am for you and the fact that I know you will always be there for me no matter what it is. I know you would drop anything if I was in need and you have shown that several times. You are a great Memaw and we are all so thankful that you are in our lives. I am sorry for the early adult years and some of the things I put you through that weren't fair to you at all. I am sorry for a lot of things actually but I know I was forgiven the moment things happened. I love you the mostest post toastest, and I always will mommy.

                                                                             Your grown up big brat

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