Saturday, June 15, 2013

New House!

We are buying our first house as you guys know! We are so excited to stop renting and become an actual homeowner!! We are so excited to start making it our own in terms of painting and decorating! We were beyond blessed with this house, more than we could have imagined! It's 6 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and 15 rooms total with 4 acres! It's already in pretty decent shape!

So I am going to post the before pics. These before pics are the true before, as in, before the people do all the repairs before our close date! Then I will take a couple new "befores" and show things that were updated! 

These are a series of outside pics from all different directions. (Please excuse the picture quality, these are all from an iPhone and I wasn't going to show these as they were just for us to have and be able to look at to answer some questions before moving in and we don't have time to go take some more)

Next is what used to be a sunroom that has been enclosed and added as part of the house. I have big plans for this space as soon as possible!

Living Room



Hallway to the laundry room and first full bath. 

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2 (this will be my office)

Bedroom 3 (Lily's Room)

Hallway to Bedroom 4 (Our Room)

Second Full Bath

Main Hallways that the above rooms and other hallways are off of. 

Ok, now going upstairs

Half Bath

Bedroom 5

Little cubby hallway with attic door

Bedroom 6

Well there it is!! We are beyond excited!

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